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Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Great day on podcast Inspired Like Me. I had a wonderful time with inspirational podcast host Jennifer O'Dell conversing about shifts in perspective and seeking beauty in all experiences. Lots of laughs. 

Friday, January 25, 2019


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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING... now available for pre-order!

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Sunday, July 22, 2018


I’m hard on myself. Anyone that knows me personally knows this. I want to be the best version of myself all the time, but the reality is I’m human; I’m learning as life unfolds. I have held myself back in life because I was of the opinion that I needed to be perfect and have everything figured out before sharing my gifts with another. But I've learned that it’s in the ups and downs of life that we grow our souls.

We live in a world of imperfection and navigating and perfecting ourselves is a continual process. Like a snake that sheds its skin and makes a sideways-forward journey, we’re constantly evolving, and there’s going to be rocks, storms, and other catastrophes along the curvy road. It’s the little detours that help us spiritually by providing the opportunity to learn, to go within, and break through barriers.

Each barrier conquered is like a shedding of the skin, a rising of vibration, and a moving forward in new growth. Yet, naturally, in this life the cycle continues, so why expect constant perfection?

In the past, I’d let the detours destroy a piece of me and I’d become stuck on a cliff within myself, but I’m learning to be gracious in what life is healing within me. I’m learning to listen to the wisdom of my soul and finding peace in detachment. I’ve discovered peace in acceptance and peace in letting go.

I’ve come to understand that no matter how much we love other people, they are on their own journey in this world and life is offering them their own healing module. If another wants to discredit us as a person and paint us in a way that is unkind and outside of truth, it is not our burden to carry, as it is not personal when another is simply in their own healing life-opportunity. Our focus is simply to find the sacred within us and walk in love.

All we need to do is let life be our healer. Like a flower, unfold to the light of source for spirit is like water washing over and blessing us. And the hellish fires disguised as life’s adversity are designed to tear us down for a rebirth of continuous beauty. The seed of the soul cannot be destroyed.

Perhaps our individual purpose is simply the evolution of perfection within ourselves, and life, our greatest healer, is simply rising to the occasion and lending a hand. 💗

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


I read a great quote.

“Depression and making yourself depressed are two different things. If you know what depresses you, change it, change the habit, change the behavior. Change your life.”

That’s pretty simple.  I like it.

Why, in life, do we complicate things when the answers are in the background just waiting for us to embrace? How many times have we felt that feeling that something didn’t feel right? Yet, we keep moving forward hoping that our hunch is wrong.

I used to believe that there were only good people and bad people. I’ve learned that there’s just people. What some deem “bad” behavior, another person will giggle over. It’s not personal; it’s individual. The trick is realizing what works for us, and honoring our own feelings while respecting that another just has a different point of view.

Experiences and people come and go in our lives. It doesn’t mean appreciation is lacking or that love has dissipated. It certainly doesn’t erase good memories. But if we find that our own journeys are in need of different “scenery” because the old scenery is causing emotional turmoil, gift yourself a new adventure.

Life circles back but sometimes we have to go out on the bend and first give the opportunity for healing.  💗

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I used to have a pet tortoise. He would spend hours sitting underneath my parrot’s bird stand hoping for a dropped strawberry or other tasty snack. While he waited, my parrot pooped all over him.

How many times have we stayed in situations or in relationships where we’re not being treated with value and respect but stayed hoping for a different outcome?

Those situations are equivalent to standing underneath a tower of crap, waiting for an affection morsel, and not moving out of the nonsense.

We’re not responsible for other people's actions, but we are responsible for our reaction. If we’re not getting what we need or desire, standing still isn’t going to bring us what we want.

We can choose to leave a situation that doesn’t benefit us, which is the better choice, or we’re responsible for our own unhappiness. 💗

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


There are times when we find ourselves in conflict with our thoughts and emotions. Situations don’t always work out the way we hoped and another’s actions leave us emotionally traumatized and/or stuck in a negative state of mind. From our perspective, we’ve been wronged, and, when in this mindset, it’s hard to consider another alternative.

Some of us may be fortunate enough to receive an apology, and we’re able to build our confidence, let go of any grudges we may hold, and move forward. But painful situations where no apology is extended leave us picking up the pieces with our emotions in turmoil. How we choose to perceive a situation determines how our thoughts align. Positive thinking makes a difference in our attitude and births inner peace, joy, and happiness.

When we’re willing to step outside of our emotions and open our perspective to a new direction in thinking, possibilities for joy become endless, and a previously unknown frontier in our mind appears waiting to be explored. We loosen our grip on “being right,” and open ourselves to acknowledging the formation of the endless creativity. Realizing we have control in how we think opens a doorway to a new way of experiencing life, experiencing people, evolving ourselves and living in a state of joy.

We come to understand that it is how we perceive our circumstances that impacts our joy, and we then can take responsibility for how we greet each challenge.  This becomes a game changer in our reactions and interactions with others. Breaking down the barriers between ourselves in love is the first step to building a new foundation.

Each of us has a belief system that determines what we perceive to be right or wrong. We’re reared in a way that builds a thought process and through this structure we navigate life.  Usually our belief systems are taught to us as children either by our parents or our experiences. The trouble with belief systems is they can be chains holding us in a prison of emotional pain.

Imagine a belief system as a pair of eyeglasses. How one sees the world is visualized through our spectacles. Everyone wears eyeglasses and none are exactly alike. These eyeglasses have been handed down through the generations. Some eyeglasses have become outdated. The lenses are cloudy, and peering over the edge of the eyeglass lenses to see the world through one’s own eyes is similar to the action necessary to create a new belief system.

Questioning one’s reality is the way to think outside the box.  Are we our bodies?  Are we our identities?  Do our jobs and wealth define our value? Or are we more than our bodies, and more than the cars we drive, and more than our physical attributes and life experiences?

If we’re more than our bodies, then what are we? And if we’re more than our bodies, then do the things we currently value lose their worth in the perspective of the larger picture, including the grievances we carry?

Seeing beyond the physical opens up a highway to the divine intertwined in countless beautiful moments.

When we turn that divine eye inward, we see beyond our physical bodies and into the emotional dimension of our inner being. Hidden beneath our earthly cloak lies the light of the soul. This light is the universal power that binds us, and the love of Spirit that connects every living being.

We can will the light to come forward and within that sacred, spiritual space, the physical falls away. Some find this peace through meditation. Joy bubbles up as attachments fall away. In the space beyond the physical, one can feel like a leaf on a tree swaying in the wind. Yet, simultaneously feel like sunlight filtering through the tree’s branches.

With detachment to the physical and mental sphere comes true happiness. The emotional turmoil of the physical life falls away and a blending with the spiritual realm happens. Peace rises and love and joy come to dwell within the physical vessel where the soul resides.

If we’re not our minds and our bodies, then how can the grievances of life have true meaning? Are these disputes and disagreements based in reality at all? By the truth of the light within, we find that blame has no meaning other than to teach us, and through sacred detachment the light will prevail.

This sacred space can be elusive and requires practice to maintain, but it’s a road within that is based on the fundamentals of our choosing. We can decide the way we perceive life and how we understand every experience determines the level of our joy.

Finding joy in detachment may seem like a counterintuitive route, but stepping away from an old pattern of thinking and perusing the opportunity of personal growth in every situation can be akin to removing constrictive shoes and wriggling one’s toes in warm sand.

Emotional pain can feel like rocks carried around in our boots. Weighing us down, their burden is heavy and for some moving forward becomes impossible.  Thus when trapped in our own pain, self-pity steps forward and our joy can become squashed between anger, resentment and a big dollop of fear.

Living a joyful life is a choice; it’s surrendering to the universal power within us. Seeing life in a black-and-white manner makes experiencing rainbows impossible. Just like settling under a fluffy blanket on a soft couch while watching the rain outside a window, observing sorrow as separate from us, like the raindrops on the windowpane,  can be wonderful. 

Love is a white fire within us all and by its illumination we can warm our souls. Beyond the illusion of the physical body dwells our soul, and beyond the soul is a universal spiritual power that connects us. That power is a creative strength each of us can tap into at any time. Embracing ourselves as the designer in our lives is a new way of thinking that can open doors we previously couldn’t perceive.

Like a flower closing to the moon and blooming to the sun, we thrive in light. When acting as creators, we can blend into the white light within and send that light without. It is a choice to bloom or to wither.

Letting go of painful offenses can feel impossible, but if we dig into that pain and plant new seeds of thought, a forest of possibility awaits us. Offenses can feel personal and it’s common to internalize another’s projection. If we look deeper, we find that what we project out is reflected back, and what we consider as a grievance can transform to become a map to personal healing. It’s our responsibility to gaze into the light of our own soul, find healing, and view the world through the perspective of love we are all composed of. Learning to tap into our creative power and dwell in the space of love is the key to living a joyful life.

How do we create our joy? By choosing our thoughts in a way that builds a bridge to inner happiness. Like soiled clothes we remove from our bodies, it is our responsibility to remove negative thoughts from our mind. Holding onto anything that does not positively serve us is equivalent to taking a bath in a mud puddle.

It is the individual’s responsibility to siphon nutrients from the dirt in negative experiences. They are our gifts of grief. But simply removing a person from our lives doesn’t always eliminate the negative emotions, and some situations make it impossible to remove an offender. Chaos may arise. Carrying negative memories in our mind is equivalent to sipping a flask filled with poison.

If possible, remove negative individuals from your circle of friends and family. We may have to break up with someone who causes disruption to our harmony. We may have to shut the door on family members.  Physically removing negativity is a positive action. Afterward, mentally place them in a beautiful land created in one’s imagination and close the door.

Dealing with other people in our lives may require more complicated decisions. Perhaps we share a child or we have a negative coworker or a bullying classmate and cannot extricate ourselves from the situation in the near future. It doesn’t serve us to focus on a negative situation we cannot change. When forced into a unhappy environment, it is better to keep our thoughts positive until we can change our circumstances.

In either situation above, maintaining a positive focal point is essential. Divine light exists in every soul. Discovering the light within another in a way that allows our own soul to bloom yields many benefits, including a positive mindset.  Seek the good in an individual and hold that viewpoint steady in your mind and heart.

We are all born creators. The people in our lives are actors in our personal play. For some individuals who have caused us grief, it may be easy to simply find an amiable memory to replace the sorrow that lingers. With another, finding an immediate resolution may seem impossible. Instead, invent one. Use your imagination and make a positive memory. Use that memory as the blueprint for any person who has committed what we may consider an offense against us.

The last step is mental training. We must train our minds to focus on the positive memory we have attached to this person. That should be the only event we allow into our minds.

For the people we have removed from our environment, they can no longer inflict pain unless we give them that power. It is through the use of our mind that we hurt ourselves and so we should master our thoughts in order to practice the attributes of a strong character. When unhappy ideas float up into our consciousness, turn your thoughts instead to the positive concepts you have put in place there.

For those people and experiences that remain in our physical surroundings, expect there to be challenges, but train the mind instead to focus on a positive attribute of the offender, and, when in their company, detach from the present to instead enter into that positive world of your creation. The mind can become a haven of beauty.

This technique isn’t an act of denial: The offense against you happened; it hurt, and it is what it is. For some it’s still occurring. Some environments are beyond our ability to change, but we can change our reaction to them. The fact remains that there are people in our lives that have caused and currently cause us pain. But the bigger reality is that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, which makes this world illusory, so the answer is to rise above our grievances to instead invite in joy.

Holding onto a painful memory or stewing in emotional torment doesn’t serve us. Removing the cause of our pain, whether physical or emotional, finding the lesson it brings, integrating it into our lives, letting that experience help us grow and then releasing the negativity while moving forward in a positive mindset keeps us in a process of joyous expansion.

We are not only our bodies; we are instead beings of light, and composed of love. Reaching for the light within another via a perfect blend of detachment and love makes for a rising of joy and light.  Be in the world but not of it and trust in the folding and unfolding of your own light.