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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I find it fascinating to understand how other people's minds and my own "tick." I feel hungry inside to understand myself and the people around me. It's a positive pursuit for me, one I relish. Maybe on a conventional level it's an odd pastime, but, in my world, it's a passion. 

Every now and then I go within, exploring my emotions and my thoughts and where both are taking me. I enjoy doing this, as it’s like a map to the Light within me. Reaching for the Light and living from a place of love has become a Northern Star in my life. But love isn't only reserved for outside parties; love is meant for us as well. Loving ourselves equates to accepting ourselves: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

We all have different shades to our personalities. Accepting the darker shades of us shines a light within which, in turn, converts the dark shades to gray. I’m finding I like to live in the gray space in between because it feels nicer to accept all of me. 

Why must one always present the best side of oneself and hide the undesirable parts? Why not own it, dissect it, exploit it and understand how, with a little finagling, it can work to our benefit? In my experience, denying the darker shades of us and presenting only the best sides of oneself is as real as the false front building on a movie set. It sure looks pretty from the front, but it’s only a front.

We all have positive and negative traits. No one’s life is perfect. No one is perfect. We’ve all judged someone and been judged. We all lose our temper. We all have our good moments and our bad moments. None of us are 100 percent consistent. Like the Universe, we’re all expanding in some way on our own journeys and at our own pace.

The way I see it, we’re made of Light, yet in the darkness we seek the Light. In that sense, maybe the darkness isn’t to be feared; maybe the darkness is the key in finding direction to the place we want to be. Maybe finding the Light within us is found by walking through the darkness that resides inside of us and then carrying a little bit of that darkness on our journey so that a continual Light shines.

In a nutshell, everyone has dark shades to their being. Like everything else that’s alive, we grow. Through the nourishing water of a stormy black cloud and beneath the rays of a bright sun, a lily sprouts forth rising from the dark soil into the higher planes above it. Part of that upward movement toward the light is embracing the fact that dirt sometimes sticks, but in its gritty grasp, there is nourishment for the journey.

I, for one, am not perfect. I’m not always nice. I’m not always patient. I'm the first person to tell someone where to shove it if they cross my boundaries. I have a light and a dark side and am learning how to balance both. 

Kindness is what I strive for because I believe in the goodness of love, but I have found through experience there is kindness in showing your dark side. There is an element of giving and receiving via the moonlit path. Like plants, we thrive in the light only with moments of darkness. We can’t grow without the inky aspects of our being and someone else's guiding us.

I embrace the loving and badass side within and accept it also in someone else because there is a reason why both light and dark is present in our personalities. There is a reason everything has its opposite, including the light and the dark within us. It serves its purpose. 

Without a little black seed, there would be no flower; there would be no fruit. On a spiritual level, maybe the seeds for growth were deliberately planted. And if everything ties together in order to flourish, explore the possibility that this concept may apply to the inner workings of oneself as well.