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Friday, April 29, 2016


Last night there was a moment I stepped backward and fell into yesterday. I felt like a grungy bunny falling down a deep hole, tumbling like wet clothes in a dryer. It was an emotional time-traveling moment where my very being almost became unglued. All I wanted was a corner to curl up and hide.

The cause of such grief was my perception of a rude gesture by another in my spiritual circle. The fire inside me wanted to reach out and burn that person, but where would that get me? It certainly wouldn't grant my greatest desire of inner peace and contentment. So I fired away at this person with my thoughts, and I shot those thoughts like hungry bullets to prey. And guess what? I didn't like the way it left me feeling. Not liking the way I felt, I wanted to bury the entrance to the cave of my mind. 

I meet weekly with other like-minded spiritual people, and this weekly gathering brings Light into my life. But I actually wanted to quit my spiritual circle. My bruised ego wanted to walk away from the spiritual family I built and never look back because it hurt to feel what I was feeling. This situation I experienced confused me and left anger brewing inside of me.

All of a sudden I felt lost again, but then I looked around and a higher awareness clairvoyantly smiled back. In that moment, I knew, no matter what, I have to hold myself to a higher standard. This is my responsibility to my spiritual path, to always put it first, and that will never be negotiable. Regardless of anything, this is true for me. Serving spirit and humanity is my soul's calling.

What I ultimately realized is choosing to positively perceive situations greatly contributes toward our inner peace. So I had a choice to either let this perceived "offense" annihilate me emotionally or I could choose to change my perception of the situation, learn from it, and let it go. 

The reality is this: In life, there are going to be many actions by another that we will perceive as rude, cutting and downright insensitive. The other reality is this: We can be completely wrong. 

It's common in life to put our judgmental stamp on the actions of another based upon our personal dictionary of offenses. We were reared a certain way, so we perceive situations a certain way. But is that way of thinking serving our happiness or is it time for a change in thinking? Maybe a change in thought and action is the key to happiness. Maybe by overshadowing our perceptions upon another we're dirtying something beautiful.

I've learned life leans more toward simple. It may seem hard to believe, but sometimes another's actions have nothing to do with offending us, and everything to do with their own inner dictionary of what's offensive and socially acceptable. Our own way of thinking is not universal. Perhaps accepting this and literally just working on not having a strong reaction is the better route to take. It sure makes for less of a headache and an easier skip down to Happyville.

Yeah, last night kind of sucked for a while. Luckily, my friend gave me great advice and helped me to see the situation in a different perspective. He said, "If you want to change, you have to change the way you do things." I've been so focused on changing my thoughts, but my actions were the same old pattern -- run and hide. Duck and cover! After hearing his words of advice, I sat there dumbfounded. My days of running to a corner and hiding are over. 

Last night my continuous desire for personal growth as a human being bubbled up inside of me. My steadfast dedication to my spiritual path lit up like a sunrise. I perceive this as a good thing. What I have realized is my negative perception of certain situations causes my own grief, and it's no one's responsibility but my own to change the way I perceive the actions of other people. If we want to journey down the rabbit hole of unhappiness, that's on us. Personally, I'm tired of that old place, and running toward the Light is my new direction.

Don't hop down the raggedy bunny trail, race toward the sun. See people and situations for what they are, just another perception we don't have to buy into unless it leads toward a positive benefit.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


This little Light of mine I'm gonna let it shine. This little Light of mine I'm gonna let it shine. This little Light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it SHIIIIIINNNNNE!

In a judgmental world where wanting to fit in and feel loved is natural, it's sometimes easier to blend with the rain of others rather than being true to our feelings and stand in the Light. Have faith in your inner Light, knowing you're a part of the great Whole, and let your inner Light shine out and around you. Just be you in all your goodness. As long as we're honest and kind, it's not our responsibility how others choose to interpret our actions. Chase joy like it's butterflies, hold onto love with both hands, and trust the compass of your heart. 

Let your inner Light guide you and you'll never be lost nor too far from Home.