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Friday, July 15, 2016


Anger. I was afraid of it for so long because I equated it to a bad emotion. I assumed I was a bad person if I felt feelings of anger. I stuffed down my wrath and every now and then I’d explode my rage and then fill back up with shame. 

Why are we afraid of anger when it is actually a very natural human emotion? Why do we judge our own feelings?

We put barriers on our lives that do not serve us. One way is judging ourselves for feeling emotions. The reality is, like the feeling of sadness and the feeling of falling in love, sometimes we feel anger. Anger is a normal human emotion. Perhaps our energy is better spent finding a healthy avenue to release it.  

I make an effort to meditate every day. The other night I did a guided meditation in class. Visually I had two of my spirit guides standing with me. I don’t see faces in my guided meditations; I see beings of light and I hear words of wisdom. They conveyed to me that anger is a natural human emotion. They showed me an image of a volcano.  A volcano is made to release its lava. That’s what it does. 

Why wouldn’t this concept of releasing something natural, like a volcano releases its lava, apply to our human emotions as well? Perhaps if we release the slow lava of our anger, we can avoid a damaging explosion.

In my guided meditation, I saw red hot lava flowing out of my mouth and into the center of the earth. It burned itself, no one was hurt, and, afterward, I felt a release within me. Maybe the answer is to feel our anger and learn to release it. Perhaps the way to deal with anger is like Kleenex to a teardrop. You just deal with it softly.

Now when I’m angry I look for healthy ways to release the feelings. I have a journal where I write down my thoughts and sometimes I burn the pages to release the energy. Sometimes I drive in my car alone and let the anger out, my favorite curse words flying left and right. 

The only people that are going to punish us for being angry is ourselves. God isn’t going to turn His back on us when He’s the one who created us — the ability to feel anger and all the other traits were a part of that creation! So let those angry feelings fly, don’t judge it and let it go. As long as we’re not hurting others or scaring others, what’s the problem? Why are we so forgiving of other human emotions but anger is on the red list? I don’t buy into it. 

I think if something happens that invites anger into our lives, it’s something to explore, honor and then release. Like every other human emotion, it’s there to serve us and teach us and sometimes protect us, so let it be there and breathe into it. Maybe anger is a form of self-love, an intuitive spark within us saying: Hey, I deserve better.

Anger.  Like everything else it exists for a reason.