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Saturday, August 20, 2016


“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”  — Hitler

I recently attended a “self-help” retreat in British Columbia and learned how easy it is to fall into mind control. I write this blog hoping the readers will educate themselves on mind control tactics so they may avoid what I experienced. 

Manipulators are not tethered to just retreats; they are sometimes the people we see every day. All one has to do is study mind control online, find the pattern, and then open one’s own mind to the possibility it can happen to them.

It’s a misconception that only weak, unstable people can be mind controlled. More often than not, it’s common people with good hearts who are the targets of manipulative deceit.

People exploit others via their vulnerabilities. This is an ugly reality. I went to the retreat seeking healing from trauma. For years traumatic feelings have tumbled around my body, mind and spirit, like a boxer wreaking havoc and pain. 

But, in place of healing, more trauma was instilled. It was a surreal experience because although I know my truth, I actually doubted it. I walked away from the retreat confused, hurt and shocked. It took a while to unravel the mess created. 

Later, I realized how susceptible we are in allowing someone into our minds and how important it is to be aware of the wolves out in the world. I now realize how vital it is to recognize traits of manipulative people. 

Traumatic events and emotions can be hard to release. At the retreat, the attendees were like caterpillars trapped in cocoons seeking resolution from inner trauma. We hoped for wings to carry us into the freedom of letting go. But instead of a gentle wind to take flight, a carnival of deceit spun a web of trickery. I liken the experience to a “butterfly circus,” a show full of manipulation with a hidden agenda. 

Researching mind control, I found that the cherry in mind control is convincing people everything is their choice. Once a manipulator can convince everyone that they are choosing for themselves, the control switch turns on, and manipulative "magic" happens on the part of the manipulator. 

Where is the best place to hide something? 

Answer: In the wide open, because if it’s not hidden, it’s not suspicious. 

The retreat I went to had its own bizarre philosophy. They said the soul is choice. According to them, we are beings of CHOICE. Their philosophy was repeated over and over. We are beings of choice. Everything we do is our choice. Trust your choices. Trust is peace. 

How brilliant. Do you understand what’s happening?

This unique philosophy sets the group up to trust the integrity of the retreat leader. Of course, the retreaters wouldn’t suspect monkey business on behalf of the leader nor the company members he’s leading, because the retreat’s philosophy is about making our own choices and trusting those choices. This retreat company’s philosophy seemed so obvious and simple: take responsibility and choose to be happy.

This manipulates us into thinking we are not being controlled. From the get-go at the retreat, you’re not going to suspect you’re being indoctrinated, brainwashed and psychologically abused. 

Again, how brilliant.

From Day 1, the retreat members are in trust, thinking they are making their own choices. The next step is the leader sharing his sad history with the intention of bonding with the retreaters via their compassion and empathy. 

Next, he convinces them of his qualifications. Then work begins of individual exploration into one’s personal history. The retreaters sit in a chair one-by-one and are asked questions by the leader while the “family” of other retreat members sit around in a circle. 

Once in the chair, one can only answer “yes” and “no” to the leader’s questions. If one tries to clarify any information, profanities were screamed, and the person being questioned is told to shut up and is humiliated. It was a surreal and weird experience in the chair. 

This complete control of the situation — that the retreaters freely gave the leader — provided the ability for him to paint a picture of a “new” reality. He likened himself to a surgeon cutting out our trauma and building a new reality in order to “help” us and “free” us.

The leader of the retreat I attended was an amazing manipulator, and it was bonkers how easy he accomplished what he set out to do. The most mind-boggling part? I figured out what he was doing and fought it, but he still messed with my head. It took two weeks to clear my mind. 

What does this retreat gain? One, money. They made $30,000 alone on the retreat I attended and do a couple retreats a month. Cults need money to flourish, so having the retreat is essential for the leader. 

The second gain is the “recruits” gathered via retreats. Recruits are volunteers that work for free. This company has a “family” of volunteers living at the facility, working for no pay, and building the community. 

There are even leadership titles allotted to the members giving a feeling of power and control that doesn’t exist. The community regularly gathers in a circle and shares their feelings to the leader. This is classic cult behavior. All you have to do is study mind control and study cult society to understand the tactics. 

To hook retreat members, the leader uses master manipulation and helps a few vulnerable people resolve issues in childhood or in their adult life, thus, gaining trust, adoration and loyalty. After that, all the leader has to do is watch the manipulative machine work. 

The people who feel they’ve been helped, see the leader as a spiritual guru, someone who can resolve their pain and can lead them out of darkness. They refer family and friends to the retreat keeping the money coming in. The cult leader gains the loyalty of followers and gains free labor via the recruits who line up. 

Great situation for the cult leader!

Abuse comes in many forms. It can be physical, emotional, psychological, et cetera. The psychological bullies are sneaky and mask their true intentions very well by the use of intellectual manipulation.

In my research I found a quote:

"The so-called 'black magician' is a 'new brain' hominid fear-merchant who has somewhere learned that there are more powerful intimidations than physical assault. The dimensions of horror, terror and mind warp are discovered. You can scare more people, and acquire greater power, by the exploitation of psychic assault. When a human's 'mind' or reality-construct is threatened, a person virtually ceases to exist as human, and regresses to the status of a terrorized mammal in a trap." 

I saw this happen to everyone in the group, including myself. It was a horrifying experience to be broken down for hours into a state of terror and confusion.

The leader of the retreat I went to was sadistic, masochistic, perverse, belittling, chauvinistic, egocentric, etc. He’d have emotional attacks and scream and holler. He referred to women in degrading terms. He involved the group in taunting the person in the auditing chair. Using manipulation he somehow convinces the group that his behavior is okay.

People come to revere him; they look up to him and accept his bizarre behavior as appropriate. He is viewed as a good guy, someone with a big heart only trying to help people. People become protective of him and stand up for him regardless of his abusive behavior. Sounds like this could not possibly happen, but it did, and it happens in the world more often than we realize. 
It blew my mind how easily an entire group could be hoodwinked.

Mind control manipulators are known to have sadistic desires. Cruelty is weaved into their method of “helping” people because of a primal need to degrade and exhibit power over others.

The most vulnerable of the group are the most targeted because sadists cannot help themselves. They like power over others; they like to hurt people. That’s what I personally experienced at this retreat. 

This leader claimed that he could connect to the souls of the deceased and the souls of the living. He declared that through this apparent skill, obtained via his abilities as a highly-functioning autistic, we could not hide anything from him. He was the all-knowing guru sent to rebuild our belief system and people actually bought into it. 

The reality? There are highly intelligent human beings capable of master manipulation.
It is truly sad how desperately people want to believe nonsense because of the hurt inside them that is a deep well. Manipulators exploit another’s pain. It’s a sad reality but one that behooves us to educate ourselves on.

I have realized it’s pointless trying to convince the other retreaters what actually happened. They are so far into their psyche of a “new belief system” and protecting the guru. He already has their loyalty, so it’s best to just walk away from those involved. 

I can’t deny that he helped some people, but I see the bigger picture of what is going on and I don’t accept it. He has to help a few people in order to keep the money machine running. He is controlling a community of good-hearted, vulnerable people and taking advantage of retreaters seeking true healing. That is not okay and until one chooses to expand their own minds, they are trapped in someone else’s deceit. 

Attending the retreat was a valuable lesson in my life. The experience gave me clarity into my own mind. I have realized how strong I am. Shame and guilt that is not mine has been released. My experience grounded me in my spirituality; it brought forth a power I didn’t even know was inside of me. 

I have learned we don’t need to seek healing outside ourselves. Everything we need is inside of us. We are magnificent and we are amazing. The light within us cannot be extinguished; we just have to allow it to shine.

This retreat — although traumatizing — created a doorway for me to walk through. It’s a doorway from the past leading into my beautiful future. I’m standing on the threshold feeling and experiencing each day, which feels right to me and is exactly how it should be.

Via this experience at the retreat, I learned to trust my intuition and appreciate my sensitivity. I’ve come to realize how beautiful my soul is. Forgiveness fills my heart and sorrow floats away from my mind. I will not tolerate being treated unkindly. 

I’m now ready to blend the woman I am with the unseen world that awaits me. 

Yes, my heart was blown into a thousand pieces at this retreat. I have realized life does this to teach us. But by building ourselves back up, we rise taller and stronger against the forces that are helpless in destroying us. 

Since returning home I have felt a burning in my chest that feels like a forest fire, but my tears have watered the garden of my soul. 

Fire is often feared and viewed as destructive, but, in the Redwoods Forest in Northern California, fire is necessary. In the heat of fire, the seeds of the giant trees open for massive expansion. In addition, fire prepares the soil where greatness shall rise. 

Reaching for the light, upward the trees grow, developing and grounding themselves in the womb of Mother Earth.

Being hurt and feeling the pain in life can feel like a burning fire inside us. Trust and fall into the feeling knowing that like the magnificent ancient trees, all is as it should be, and we are rising to the Light within us and blending into the Light around us. 

There is a reason for everything. Trust your inner compass, shine your inner light, and be alert for the manipulators in the world.