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Saturday, April 15, 2017


I went to a spiritual college in England and everything shifted and realigned itself within me. Emotional healing occurred, and I let go of emotional pain and settled into my own heart. 

My healing journey didn't happen overnight. Healing journeys usually never do. But slowly, the days added up and things started turning around. I have realized everything is designed to teach us. Yet, letting go isn’t always easy, as is the giving of forgiveness, and this held me captive for a long time. 

Growth on a larger level sometimes requires frequent shedding. Over the years I shed layers of shame, layers of anger and layers of bitterness. And last week I gave in to forgiveness in an unconventional way, a way that works in alignment with my soul.

As the final tears fell out of me, little by little I felt the glow of my soul shine brighter and fill the area around me. In amazement, I actually felt a power enter my body and hold me up. I now realize everything that has happened to me was for the benefit to help me, to prepare me for what is coming my way. 

I want to help people understand that there is no death, only love, and life continues. I want to help people see their own beauty, learn the value in evolving the soul and fall in love with themselves. 

But how can we truly know compassion and grace and share it with others if we haven’t felt those feelings in the deepest core of our being?

Rising within ourselves to our own light is our very nature. On this human journey that realization sometimes takes time to rediscover. Sometimes we lie to ourselves to bury the pain that hurts too much, and we have to find the courage to dig it all back up and embrace the truth in a higher light. Seeing beyond the pain takes practice. I have learned turning darkness into light is within our power. 

For me, there is no longer a need to find forgiveness within myself for others because there’s nothing to forgive. Why? Because without the painful experiences I’d be a different person. I’d be less advanced emotionally and unable to do the work I want to do. 

With this perspective I appreciate those willing to step forward and teach me through life experiences. I’m grateful for all of it. In fact, I wouldn’t change one single experience nor hand back one single grieving tear. Those that have hurt me are my teaching angels. They have shown me through their reflection back to me what I needed to heal within, and they helped me find the beauty of my soul. 

For those on a healing journey, don’t give up. Keep going no matter how long it takes. Your healing is your healing, and you’ll know when it’s completed. Give in to the lessons every situation presents, grow from them and self-empower yourself. Most of all, love yourself and be your own best friend. 

Sometimes in life we have to reach down and pick ourselves up. Sometimes we fall down and have to start all over again. If it takes a few times to steady yourself, trust that when that moment arrives for you, it’s your moment to shine.