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Sunday, June 25, 2017


Developing as a person is amazing, challenging and at times, oh so painful. It's certainly a life-long treasure. It's a lot of realizations that arrive one by one. 

Just when I feel I've made a connection, my own higher awareness, during meditation, comes in and shows me a new perception of the same situation, and the layers peel in a different direction. It's like a mirror comes up each time, and I'm realizing if we follow the inner road, all signs point to us, our reactions and defenses, and what we create based on the tools we have in that moment. 

Recognizing our own walls, how we created them, and smashing them down creates new tools to advance further as people, as a personality, as a soul, tools that build roads instead of walls within us. 


We make things about us because of hidden pain, and our reactions are literally a key to the healing needed within us. It's not about outside us and other people; it's about what's within us. We are everything we've accused other people of being and that's why love is the root that feeds the flower. 

Adversity is the gift to unfold the petals of our soul. It's through adversity that we learn discernment, responsibility and reverence in our own imperfection through our unhealed pain. 

It's all beautiful. ❤️ There is beauty to be found in our own self-created chaos and imperfection.


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