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Sunday, October 15, 2017


 In life, we get caught up in our own pain. Constantly on alert and in survival mode, we’re like soldiers on lookout for danger. Sometimes in protecting ourselves, we focus so intently on keeping the wall up, that we don’t recognize the love trying to penetrate our barriers. In addition, we miss opportunities to be of service to another.

I have found love is the trustworthy road that we can venture out on into the world. Everyone has their own story, their own fears, and an inner torment that rides their back every day of the year.
If we can separate from attachments, there is a freedom in the great peace within, and, that inner serenity is the greatest love I’ve ever known.

I’ve started looking at others and seeing them through their pain. When I do this, a love sprouts forth within me and compassion swirls within my very being.  In life, we tend to take things personally, when, in reality, another's actions has everything to do with their private journey. We can serve another better by trying to understand them, by being slow in our knee-jerk responses, yet quick in our extension of love and kindness.

Nature has so much to offer us in wisdom. A seed blooms with darkness, water, sunlight, and nurturing. The seed must first be dropped into the darkness for future bloom. It is with the help of the elements, and, ultimately, the power of self that allows the seed to break through its hard shell and blend with the soil around it for a rising to the light.

Part of the human journey into a spiritual awakening is a time walking in the darkness. But is it really darkness or lightness being unearthed within us? Healing can be a painful process, but new growth prevails. Many of us have been hurt and are wounded. A journey inward on the golden road brings forth a lightness of being, a love for mankind, and a glory and appreciation for one’s self that outshines the chaos.

The golden road within isn’t easy and it takes a commitment that only the journey man can live up to. There will be challenges that bring one to their knees, tears that bathe the soul, but the sunrise and sunsets of each day give life to our heart’s ever-expansion.

Letting go of attachments is a golden key of awareness. We don’t own anyone and this is a mistake some make. It is a gift to have a family. It is a gift to have a spouse. It is a gift to have dear friends. Every person and every situation, no matter how painful, is a gift.

Some gifts float into our lives like beautiful dandelions, softly touching our lives. Other experiences roar and shake us up a little bit. All experiences serve us. Trusting and surrendering into the gift sends out waves of gratitude. Everything moves us along. 

We own our choices, our mistakes, and our misgivings. Other people are simply other journey men finding their way on the golden road within. The sooner we let the attachments go, the brighter the road lights up. 

As a traveler on the golden road, perhaps we should focus on the light within and outside us, embrace how expansive that light is, and know there is enough for everyone. Let go because in our attachments and desire to consume, we can inadvertently bring more pain into another’s life, keeping a cycle of dormancy that serves no one.

Trust in the light and make space for others to walk their golden road, separate but apart, a part of us in their own light, that ultimately is our own. We are One but on a singular journey to the same place.   

If we don’t own people but only own our choices, what are we?

Perhaps we’re the sunlight on a dewy morning leaf, and the cry in a newborn’s wail, and the buzzing of the wings of a hummingbird. Maybe we’re everything that breathes and everything that cries, and in that knowledge, is the power we all have: The power of Love, and the knowing that we’re all One. And, in that knowing, is a love that bubbles up to help us rise.  

Be the light and walk in the light. Love with all your heart. And when life knocks you down to your knees, bow your head to the soil, plant more seeds, and rise in love. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Like a patched quilt thrown over my head, life events blinded me for too long. Tired of that old metaphorical quilt, I threw it off and noticed the patterns on the quilt of my life had an interesting story to tell.

Who are we? Are we our patchy history or do we have the ability to create a new tapestry of gold?

For a long time I felt lost, I felt unloved, unwanted and unworthy.  I was sad, bitter, defensive and angry. More than anything, I was emotionally terrified. Being trapped in a movie of the past playing out events and trying to make sense of everything was exhausting.

My patched life quilt grew, each new patchy square a painful time line in my life. The larger the quilt became, the more often I hid under it.  But its frayed edges scratched my heart and I grew weary of the burden.

I started looking in the mirror every day and verbally told myself how worthy I was of love.  Slowly, I started to notice the beauty of my own soul, the strength of my own character, the perfection of all my life experiences. I realized how absolutely stunning the present moment is and how long I had missed seeing it.

Soon, I lost interest in hiding behind the old quilt. I was no longer angry toward people who hurt me. I stopped hating them and started loving them for the spiritual gifts they bestowed. I saw the patches of my life quilt for what they were:  Yesterday.

My biggest break through? We are the creators of our own lives and the past is over.

 For years I was waiting for a miracle to happen via another human being when I’m the miracle of my own life. I was consumed trying to understand everything, but sometimes there are no answers. All we can do is trust, let go, surrender to the pain and embrace the beauty of growth.

In life we give our power away by waiting for a rescue.  No one is going to rescue us; we rescue ourselves.  I’d been waiting my whole life for that magic in another person to come along and make everything right in my world, when, all along, that magic was within me.

I finally gave up on the outside world and embraced my inner oracle, and that’s exactly what needed to happen. Boom, the seed within me bloomed, and the rose of my soul and its perfume now flow out around me and towards the cosmos. I swear the light shines differently. I feel like a new person.

Damn the damsel. We’re way more powerful than to wait around for a rescue taxi. Life has too much to offer and it’s all up for grabs.  There’s a lot of wind out there in the world that I want to feel in my hair, and I’m going to let sunlight kiss the back of my neck. I’m a little bit of a firecracker and firecrackers are a party in themselves. All we need is inner love and everything else will work itself out.

At any moment we can rewrite our lives. We have the power to let go of what doesn’t serve us and embrace and allow in what does. Yes, we’re really that powerful. Take the time to nurture the quiet within, trust the process, let go and fall into the greatest love within your own soul.