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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


I read a great quote.

“Depression and making yourself depressed are two different things. If you know what depresses you, change it, change the habit, change the behavior. Change your life.”

That’s pretty simple.  I like it.

Why, in life, do we complicate things when the answers are in the background just waiting for us to embrace? How many times have we felt that feeling that something didn’t feel right? Yet, we keep moving forward hoping that our hunch is wrong.

I used to believe that there were only good people and bad people. I’ve learned that there’s just people. What some deem “bad” behavior, another person will giggle over. It’s not personal; it’s individual. The trick is realizing what works for us, and honoring our own feelings while respecting that another just has a different point of view.

Experiences and people come and go in our lives. It doesn’t mean appreciation is lacking or that love has dissipated. It certainly doesn’t erase good memories. But if we find that our own journeys are in need of different “scenery” because the old scenery is causing emotional turmoil, gift yourself a new adventure.

Life circles back but sometimes we have to go out on the bend and first give the opportunity for healing.  💗

#healing #innerlight #creatingspaceforhealing