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Sunday, July 22, 2018


I’m hard on myself. Anyone that knows me personally knows this. I want to be the best version of myself all the time, but the reality is I’m human; I’m learning as life unfolds. I have held myself back in life because I was of the opinion that I needed to be perfect and have everything figured out before sharing my gifts with another. But I've learned that it’s in the ups and downs of life that we grow our souls.

We live in a world of imperfection and navigating and perfecting ourselves is a continual process. Like a snake that sheds its skin and makes a sideways-forward journey, we’re constantly evolving, and there’s going to be rocks, storms, and other catastrophes along the curvy road. It’s the little detours that help us spiritually by providing the opportunity to learn, to go within, and break through barriers.

Each barrier conquered is like a shedding of the skin, a rising of vibration, and a moving forward in new growth. Yet, naturally, in this life the cycle continues, so why expect constant perfection?

In the past, I’d let the detours destroy a piece of me and I’d become stuck on a cliff within myself, but I’m learning to be gracious in what life is healing within me. I’m learning to listen to the wisdom of my soul and finding peace in detachment. I’ve discovered peace in acceptance and peace in letting go.

I’ve come to understand that no matter how much we love other people, they are on their own journey in this world and life is offering them their own healing module. If another wants to discredit us as a person and paint us in a way that is unkind and outside of truth, it is not our burden to carry, as it is not personal when another is simply in their own healing life-opportunity. Our focus is simply to find the sacred within us and walk in love.

All we need to do is let life be our healer. Like a flower, unfold to the light of source for spirit is like water washing over and blessing us. And the hellish fires disguised as life’s adversity are designed to tear us down for a rebirth of continuous beauty. The seed of the soul cannot be destroyed.

Perhaps our individual purpose is simply the evolution of perfection within ourselves, and life, our greatest healer, is simply rising to the occasion and lending a hand. 💗